12 January 2018

Oddball Art Co. New Release/Feature a Creature

Today’s post is to showcase a couple of Oddball stamps, but shock, horror, as I mentioned in my first DT post for Oddball, I am getting out of my comfort zone! This post is not about cards! It is my first attempt at Bookmarks, not your ordinary rectangle ones you just slip in the book - it is about magnetic ones!

OK this was my own attempt, no You-tube video help, just my idea, probably would have done better with a bit of research, but here goes.  The idea behind the bookmark came from a visit to my grandchildren's house before Christmas to see their school presentation.  In the couple of days I was there, my grandson was reading to me before he went to bed and I noticed he had a marker pen stuck in the book for a bookmark.  I said don't you have a bookmark Mac, he said no, but of course his Mum disagreed with him.  Anyhow when I saw Bubba Baboon, I thought, I could make one for Mac.  Well here is the first attempt -

As soon as I fuzzy cut around the image, I knew I had done the wrong thing, but I continued and cut up an advertising fridge magnet to act as the closure on the page.  I then did a demo of it on my diary page and thought, no this is not for Mac.  A seven-year old boy and a fragile bookmark, no way, but I thought I am not going to waste my first attempt.  I reinforced it with a strip of card, which I might add was probably a useless idea and I am now using for myself because I know its fragility.  I am calling it my "Bubba Baboon Diary Marker". You ladies who are experts on Planner accessories might have another name for it, but at the moment I am into diaries, I have to be, I got three for Christmas!

Not to give up now, I attempted another bookmark.  This is the second one -

For a child's bookmark, no flimsy top, so I went with a rectangular design, no fuzzy cutting around the images this time.  I combined IMG418 Baby D with the books from IMG297 Astrid the Fairy, image I have had for a while now.  When looking at the Etsy shop for image numbers to link my project to, I came across another one of Lizzy's images which has books and only books in it, so I would not have needed to crop, so I will list that one as an alternative at the end of this post.  I think I will give this bookmark to my two-year old grand-daughter Isla-May as she LOVES dinosaurs!  It's dinosaurs everything at the moment and she knows and can say all the species of dinosaurs too!  Happier with that one.  OK attempt No. 3 - back to one for Mac.

Success, a stronger bookmark for Mac now. Although after glueing on the magnet pieces, I wondered if I should have laminated them and then attached the magnets.  Maybe next time I tackle a bookmark project I will see how that would go, but then again , folding the laminate might be a problem.  When I scored the bookmarks in half, I actually put two score marks on each one instead of just one, not very far apart but enough to hold a few pages.  Now the images I have used in this project are available here:

I hope you like my post and it didn't bore you because of its length.  Hope you will pop in again soon!

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  1. Eine tolle Idee und ein sehr lustiges Motiv.
    Danke für deine Teilnahme bei den Animal Friends.
    LG Dreja

  2. Beautiful project.
    Thank you for joining us at the Animal Friends.