27 August 2017

Bugaboo Stamps "JJxmasbox"

Well to say I have a lot of Bugaboo stamps is an understatement, just ask Jodie, I get so confused with what I have and haven't got, but she is a real gem over at https://bugaboostamps.com/, helps me out everytime!  Well I have so many, I decided to start using them seriously.  I saw the bingo challenge for August and thought you could do that Gail, well, guess what, did it, but forgot to check dates.  When searching for it on the blog, found it, well I didn't actually go as far as finding it - I found the winners!!!!! - bummer, too late, the story of my life!.  Not to worry, I thought there has got to be somewhere I can enter - Outlawz Challenges, yes, Bugaboo, is a great sponsor of that wonderful site.  Well here we are, Festive Fridays and yes Christmas, on a winner for once.  Maybe a chance to find a few more too - feeling good about this!  For anyone associated with the August Bingo challenge, I chose the bottom horizontal line - distressing, Bugaboo stamp and 3 layers.  Merry Christmas!

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