23 February 2018

Oddball Art Stamps IMG#290 Dino Girl Jumping on the Bed

 I am back again with another fantastic Oddball image.  I told you working with Oddball Stamps was going to broaden my horizons.  Well this time I have used digital stamps on a scrapbook page.  This is a FIRST for me!  Even though I have been buying digital stamps for quite a few years now, sorry to my large collection of other stamps, and this is the first time I have thought to use them on a page.  Well I could not resist;  when I saw Dino Girl Jumping on the Bed, dressed in that dinosaur costume, I thought straight away of my youngest grand-daughter Isla-May.  She is 3 next month and is the cutest, so that fits in with Oddball's theme this month!  I had four photos to work with because I didn't want to leave any out. I wanted something clean and simple, so no bling!  This is the result:

This kid absolutely loves dinosaurs and can even tell you all the specie names of the dinosaurs.  Her Mum and Dad, as well as Verity and Mac have taught her well and her speech is so clear when telling you the names;  I can't even pronounce some of them.  Her favourite is a pachyrhinosaurus!  It's worth Googling just to see what she is on about!

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